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Top 10 Reasons to Get Your High School Diploma

  1. Students who learn more, earn more:
    The U.S. Census Bureau estimates a person with a high school diploma will earn $9,634 more per year than a high school drop out.
  2. You’re less likely to be unemployed:
    High school completers are less likely to be unemployed than those who have dropped out of high school.
  3. You’ll open your mind to new things:
    By increasing your education, you open your mind to discover opportunities in your life you never knew existed.
  4. College is suddenly within reach:
    Virtually all post-secondary institutions, colleges, and universities require a high school diploma or GED. A high school diploma can give you the chance to go to college.
  5. You’ll feel better about yourself:
    Research shows that confidence and self-esteem are linked to your education level. Those with a high school diploma had a higher level of self-esteem than those that did not.
  6. Chances are you’ll get a better job:
    Employers around the country are looking for educated and qualified workers. A recent study shows that 47% of high school dropouts surveyed said that the lack of a high school diploma made it harder for them to find a good job.
  7. You’ll contribute more to your community:
    As a high school graduate, you’ll contribute greater amounts to local, state and federal taxes than dropouts throughout your career. These contributions go to schools, roadways and public programs that help promote and develop safe communities.
  8. You’re setting a positive example:
    The work you put into earning your diploma will speak volumes to your family, friends, and community.
  9. You’ll increase your knowledge:
    Learning more about math, science, English, history, and other subjects will help expand your knowledge of the world around you.
  10. It’s your time to shine:
    Other people have had their time for success. Now is your time.

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